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This cruise includes Rocky Island, Zabargad and Daedalus Reef. The other name of this itinerary could be "the Best of the Red Sea", no doubt!
Daedalus Reef offers the exciting exploration of a huge reef surrounded by a steep wall and major currents providing a fantastic drift diving experience. You'll be amazed by the imposing hard coral scenery and surprise by what can be spotted in the open water. The island of Zabargad is an other amazing dive spot. It is characterised by an enormous mountain reaching out of the water, surrounded by a lagoon and circling reef. There are a couple of wrecks and a great variety of corals and reef fish.Rocky Island hosts a fringing reef that circles the entire perimeter of the island, dropping steeply to the depth, however offering a life bursting show in the shallow water.

This Itinerary includes Rocky Island, Zabargad and Daedalus Reef. If you want to see Hammer Head Sharks - this itinerary should be your choice. While traveling further South you will be surprised by Marine Life of Rocky Island and Zabargad.

  • Imposing hard coral scenery
  • A couple of impressive wrecks
  • Great variety of corals and reef fish
  • Hammerhead sharks



  • Transfer (Airport - Boat - Airport)
  • Port Ghalib / Hurghada marina fee
  • Meet and assist
  • Fuel supplement
  • 2 - 3 dive guides


  • Shared double cabin
  • All meals
  • Water, coffee, tea and soft drinks
  • 3 to 4 dives per day. Last day 2 to 3 dives
  • 12 l cylinder with air or nitrox
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Possible dive sites during the trip

Elphinstone Reef

Elphinstone Reef

Elphinstone is one of the most famous and beautiful reefs in Egypt. It stretches over a length of 400 meter and features two plateaus, one on each end. The northern plateau is famous for is beautiful coral growth and the chance to see Hammerhead Sharks. The plateau in the south is well known for regular Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Longimanus) encounters between autumn and spring. Beside the plateaus, the east and the west side offer beautiful vertical walls with lots of soft corals and Gorgonian fence corals, due to the strong current which is often present. When diving Elphinstone, always keep a eye in the blue, as there are often pelagic fish passing by.

Rocky Island

Rocky Island

Rocky Island hosts a decorative reef that circles the entire surroundings of the island. The most interesting features and life are found above 12m. The Reef is dropping steeply to astonishing depths.



The Island of Zabargad is a very unique dive spot. It is described by an enormous rocky mountain reaching out of the water, surrounded by a lagoon and circling reef. There are a couple of wrecks and a great variety of corals.

Daedalus Reef

Daedalus Reef

This huge reef rises from the sea bed in the middle of the Red Sea forming an island. It is easily recognized by its lighthouse. Daedalus reef is surrounded by a wall and strong currents. It means that its perfect spot for drift diving. It offers some of the most amazing dives in the Red Sea. Just close your eyes and imagine: the sheer walls covered in over-grown hard coral formations and a variety of reef fish. The regular visitors are: Napoleon wrasses and turtles.

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